Exploring synchronization at all body scales from enactive neural binding, embodied motor synergies to social interaction...

Alex Pitti, Ph.D.

Research keywords

  • motor synergies, distributed pattern generators
  • body image, action representation, mirror neurons
  • dynamic and complex systems, synchronization

Journal publications

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Book chapters

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Conference presentations and proceedings

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Robots Podcast website's interview! on Biologically-inspired/Chaos Robot Control (worst photo ever btw, mar. 2010)

Brown Bag Lecture@Zurich AILab! Shared circuits for representing the self related to others' actions, agency and space (nov. 2009)

phD thesis. (2007). Supervisor: Kuniyoshi,Y.
Phase Synchronization Between Internal and Body Dynamics for Exploration, Memory, and Control of Embodied Behavior.
Doctor Thesis, ISI laboratory, Engineering Department, University of Tokyo
jury: profs. Aihara, Kanzaki, Nakamura, Harada

Supplemental video files

do you want to see an artificial muscle transiently driven at resonance via chaotic synchronization?

Motor Synergies in one leg articulation:
  1. For weak synchronization coupling, we have very soft and passive dynamics. passive regime.
  2. For optimal synchronization coupling, we have dynamical and synergistic motions. active entrainment regime.
  3. For strong coupling, we have forced and uncoordinated motions. forced regime.


  • e-mail: alex[at]jeap[dot]org
  • address: ISI laboratory. University of Tokyo 7-3-1, Tokyo, 113-8656, Japan.