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Emanuele Rodolà

Intelligent Systems and Informatics Lab
The University of Tokyo
Room# 622 Eng.Bldg.6
7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo 113-8656

E-mail: rodola at isi dot imi dot i dot u-tokyo dot ac dot jp

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Multiview Registration via Dual Quaterions

Download code (C++, includes dataset in PLY format)

The code implements dual quaternions diffusion for multiview registration as described in the paper cited below. The package also includes code for a small demo application demonstrating its very simple usage. This exact code was used for the experiments in the paper, so it should be very efficient and very accurate; if results are not as good as expected feel free to contact me. If you use this code, please cite the paper:

"Multiview Registration via Graph Diffusion of Dual Quaternions".
Andrea Torsello, Emanuele Rodolà and Andrea Albarelli.
The XXIV IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR2011)

Infection-Immunization dynamics (iidyn)

Download MEX (32bit and 64bit, tested on Matlab 7.11)
contact me if you need the sources (C/C++)

This software has been successfully used in a variety of works in need of a robust tool to perform inlier selection. You may find useful to have some references to example applications and experimental evaluations to begin with: 3DPVT2010 and CVPR2010.

This software is an implementation of the evolutionary dynamics described in the paper:

"Infection and immunization: a new class of evolutionary game dynamics".
Samuel Rota Bulò and Immanuel M. Bomze.
Games and Economic Behaviour, vol. 71, pages 193-211, 2011

GTMatcher v0.51

Download binaries (no-gui, Windows 32bit) (Documentation)
Small sample set (printer)
sources will be available soon

This software accompanies the papers:

"Imposing Semi-local Geometric Constraints for Accurate Correspondences Selection in Structure from Motion: a Game-Theoretic Perspective".
Andrea Albarelli, Emanuele Rodolà, and Andrea Torsello.
International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)

"Robust Game-Theoretic Inlier Selection for Bundle Adjustment.
Andrea Albarelli, Emanuele Rodolà, and Andrea Torsello.
Fifth International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission (3DPVT2010)

GTAlign v0.1

Source code and binaries will be made available soon, but please contact the author if you need a beta version to experiment with.

This software accompanies the paper:

"A Game-Theoretic Approach to Fine Surface Registration without Initial Motion Estimation".
Andrea Albarelli, Emanuele Rodolà, and Andrea Torsello.
The XXIII IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR2010)